Presidentti 2023-2024

Wilhelm von Saks

044 9752447




Turku Sirkkala Rotary Club

Turku Sirkkala Rotaryclub was founded in June 1988. The first meeting was held in Hotel Hamburger Börs on June 14th, 1998 at 17:00. 26 Charter members attended the meeting in which the 8th Rotary Club in Turku was established. Turku Sirkkala Rotaryclub foundation was sealed in a Charter meeting on October 18th, 1988. The club meetings were transferred to restaurant Alabama, which was our weekly meeting place until 2022. Today our dinner meeting place is Restaurant Suomalainen Pohja  at 17.00 every Tuersday

Turku Sirkkala Rotary Club is an active club with 26 regular members and 4 honorary members.